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California Grants $20.75M for Homeless Housing in San Diego: Two Projects to Provide Affordable Units

LifeCalifornia Grants $20.75M for Homeless Housing in San Diego: Two Projects to Provide Affordable Units

Homekey Program Funds Aim to Tackle Homelessness by Creating 75 New Affordable Units with Supportive Services in San Diego

San Diego, California, is set to receive a significant boost in addressing homelessness with the allocation of $20.75 million from the state’s Homekey program. The funds, announced on Wednesday, will support two housing projects designed to provide 75 new affordable rental units with essential supportive services, focusing on individuals experiencing homelessness in City Council District 2.

The Homekey program, described as a «statewide effort to sustain and rapidly expand housing for persons experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness» by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, aims to catalyze housing solutions.

Mayor Todd Gloria emphasized the critical role of housing in resolving the homelessness crisis, stating, «Outreach and shelter are critical components of our efforts to address homelessness, but what truly will solve this crisis is housing.» The Homekey funding is seen as a crucial step in making progress toward the city’s primary challenge of providing sustainable housing for its homeless population.

The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) is the recipient of the state-awarded funds. The allocated $16.85 million is designated for the purchase and rehabilitation of the Ramada Inn located at 3737-3747 Midway Drive in the Midway Community. The transformation of this property, named Pacific Village, will result in the creation of 62 affordable single-room occupancy units.

An additional $3.9 million will support SDHC’s collaboration with the Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation to refurbish a vacant multifamily housing property at 2147 Abbott Street in Ocean Beach. This initiative aims to produce 13 additional affordable housing units.

San Diego City Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell, representing District 2, acknowledged the collaborative effort between the state, county, and city in addressing homelessness. She stated, «It’s the collaborative effort between the state, county, and the city that will resolve homelessness in San Diego.»

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has also approved funding to bolster these projects, emphasizing a unified approach to combat homelessness.

SDHC has committed rental housing vouchers to support residents in paying rent at both newly developed properties. The housing commission is expected to seek approval from the city council, acting as the Housing Authority of the city, to accept and allocate the funds for property purchase and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, SDHC has applied for an additional $63.5 million through a statewide competition in the current round of limited Homekey funding. This funding would facilitate the purchase and rehabilitation of two more properties, creating a total of 266 affordable housing units. The proposed properties include 3860 Murphy Canyon Road in Kearny Mesa, known as Willow Canyon, and 2087 Hotel Circle South in Mission Valley, known as Presidio Palms. The state’s decision on these Homekey applications is expected by the year-end.

San Diego has previously received over $49.5 million from the Homekey program in earlier funding rounds, leading to the creation of 372 affordable rental apartments, marking a significant stride in addressing the city’s homelessness challenges.

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