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Campa-Najjar Officially in Runoff for Chula Vista Mayor After Galvez Concedes

PoliticsCampa-Najjar Officially in Runoff for Chula Vista Mayor After Galvez Concedes

Ammar Campa-Najjar with supportersAmmar Campa-Najjar with supporters. Campaign photo

Two-time Congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar is officially in the runoff for mayor of San Diego County’s second-largest city in November after the third-place primary finisher conceded.

“I just received a gracious phone call from Councilwoman Jill Galvez congratulating us on our win. I want to thank Jill for her service to our city and our District 2 residents,” said Campa-Najjar on Tuesday. “I am looking forward to continuing our work together to improve Chula Vista.”

The former Obama administration official who achieved national visibility in running against former Rep. Duncan Hunter and then Rep. Darrell Issa will face City Councilman John McCann in the general election.

Campa-Najjar also thanked the other three candidates for Chula Vista mayor in the June 7 primary.

“I’d like to also thank Zaneta Encarnacion, Rudy Ramirez and Spencer Cash for running and for their ongoing commitments to serve,” Campa-Najjar said. “We may have battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this city deeply and care strongly about its future.”

Chula Vista, with a population of 285,000, is the 73rd largest city in the United States.

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