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Countywide Transportation Coalition Turn in Signatures for Ballot Measure

PoliticsCountywide Transportation Coalition Turn in Signatures for Ballot Measure

Transportation Ballot MeasureCouncilmember Raul Campillo kicked off Wednesday’s event where ballot measure supporters celebrated as signatures were carried into the registrar’s office. Photo credit: David Poller

A citizens coalition representing labor, business and environmental organizations announced Wednesday they have submitted more than 165,000 signatures for a November 2022 transportation ballot measure.

If approved, this would be the first countywide transportation measure since the TransNet transportation funding was passed in 2004, according to the coalition.

“This ballot measure will keep traffic moving in every part of San Diego County, with guaranteed allocation of road repair funds to every community,” said San Diego City Councilmember Raul Campillo. “Voters should know that there is tough accountability built into this measure, with independent oversight and audits. If this measure passes, San Diego County residents will see less gridlock, cleaner air, safer roads and better transit.”

Transportation Ballot MeasureMore than 165,000 signatures were submitted to the county Registrar of Voters. Photo credit: David Poller

Priorities for funding in the measure include safety upgrades for the I-5 rail line which runs along bluffs at risk of collapse, fire evacuation routes in the backcountry, a new light rail connection to the airport and highway traffic and safety improvements for the 5, 805, 15, 94, and 78.

The measure also sets aside an ongoing funding stream for reduced or free fares for students, seniors and the disabled.

To qualify for November’s ballot, the measure must submit 115,788 valid signatures from San Diego County registered voters, according to the coaltion. After Wednesday’s submission of petition signatures, the county Registrar of Voters has 30 business days to verify the signatures.

The coalition supporting the ballot measure includes the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce, Circulate San Diego, Center on Policy Initiatives, San Diego County Building Trades Unions including the Carpenters, Laborers and Electrical Workers, Environmental Health Coalition, San Diego County Democratic Party, San Diego 350 Climate Action, San Diego Education Association and the Climate Action Campaign.

For more information about the ballot measure, go to www.LetsGoSD.org.

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