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North County Transit to Buy 8 Fuel Cell Electric Buses with Federal Grant Help

TechNorth County Transit to Buy 8 Fuel Cell Electric Buses with Federal Grant Help

NCTD busA North County Transit District bus. Courtesy of the agency

The North County Transit District has received a $4.8 million federal grant to help purchase eight electric buses powered by hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

The transit agency plans a fleet of 25 of these zero-emission vehicles by 2025. Fuel cells combine hydrogen gas with oxygen in the air to produce electricity, emitting only water in their exhaust.

“I am very excited to see the North County Transit District receive a $4.8 million federal investment for the adoption of hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses, which will help reduce harmful air pollution and contribute to our fight against climate change,” said Rep. Mike Levin, who helped obtain the grant.

A fully equipped bus costs $1.3 million, so the agency will use some of its own funds to buy all eight vehicles.

NCTD has already received a $1.7 million grant to construct a hydrogen fueling station for the buses.

“NCTD remains committed to being on the forefront of zero-emissions technology, providing clean transportation choices for our customers, and improving the air quality in our communities,” said Jewel Edson, NCTD board chair and a Solana Beach Council Member.

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