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San Diego Moms: How a Local Mom Finds the Drive to Hustle 

LifeSan Diego Moms: How a Local Mom Finds the Drive to Hustle 

Nora Sarte. Courtesy photo

Vista mom Nora Sarte defines inspiration. It isn’t her ability to work long weeks or make the most amazing baked goods you’ve ever had. It’s her ability to stay focused on her goal: The well-being of herself and her family.

Sarte works full-time at a children’s therapy clinic in North County, where she manages the mind-boggling tasks of insurance claims, schedules and more. Aside from her day job, she’s the owner of The Suga Shack, an in-home bakery where she makes decadent desserts and pastries, including cakes, donuts and danishes. 

Aside from that? She’s the mother of four children from ages 4 to 18. 

Sarte isn’t alone in her long work weeks. A 2018 study found the average working mom clocks in an incredible 98 hours per week, working about 2.5 full-time jobs. The study reports working moms typically work 14 hours per day.

Sarte may not be the only mother working long weeks, but she does stand apart in another way: The inspiration she exudes. I asked Sarte where she finds her inspiration. 

“For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a hard worker,” Sarte said. “She was a first-generation Mexican-American and taught us what hard work looks like.” 

Sarte said her parents, who own a plant nursery in North County, taught her the answer to “getting ahead” is always hard work. She hopes to instill that same work ethic in her own four children. 

Life Tip from Nora:

“Take time for yourself no matter what it is that you enjoy — even if it’s just sitting with a cup of tea. You don’t want to lose sight of yourself.”

“Twenty years from now, I want my children to remember I worked hard to give them opportunities,” Sarte said. “I want them to remember that I always did what I could to provide for them.” 

And, to provide her best self to her family, Sarte said she starts with herself. She fulfills her passion for baking by maintaining her business, but she also fulfills her needs and wants for family time by dedicating certain days and times to her children.

“I try to always make time for myself even though I have other things going on,” Sarte said. “I want to lead by example by taking care of myself mentally and physically.” 

Talk about inspiration. 

Happy Mother’s Day to Nora, and to all the mothers in San Diego County!

San Diego Moms is published every Saturday. Have a story idea? Email [email protected] and follow her on Instagram at @hoawritessd.

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