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Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House

HealthTop 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House

The modern problem of addictions and dependencies is terrifying. Substance use disorders affect almost 21 million Americans annually, and the number keeps increasing. A sober living house is a community-based residence intended to serve those who are recovering from addiction. They provide an environment that is halfway between inpatient rehabilitation and independent living, where people can rebuild their lives. Keep reading to know the specifics of these facilities and the benefits of choosing Eco Sober Houses for your next home.

What Are the Sober Living Houses, and Why Are They Popular?

A sober living house is an establishment that provides a substance-free environment for people recovering from drugs and alcohol addiction. It is open to everyone who has finished basic treatment in rehab and wishes to start a new life. 

These facilities create safe spaces with strict regulations against substance abuse. They aim to teach residents the necessary skills for them to achieve stability, leading to long-term sobriety.

How can you reside there? Let’s explore the basic steps:

  1. Find a reputable sober house in your area that aligns with your needs, preferences, and financial situation. For example, Eco Sober Houses have several facilities in Boston with good living conditions at affordable prices.
  2. Assess the rules and internal policies.
  3. Contact the house manager and discuss your case.
  4. Sign an agreement or contract outlining the rules, expectations, and responsibilities while residing in the sober living house.
  5. Pay fees.
  6. Stick to your recovery plan and live your sober life.

According to the research, the sense of community and peer encouragement in sober living houses empowers individuals to feel less isolated and more motivated to stay sober. 

Advantages of Living in a Sober House

You must look for solutions when faced with a serious problem, as inaction can exacerbate the situation. In the case of substance addiction, living for some time in a sober living community is a perfect solution to anchor rehabilitation success. So, here are five reasons to choose such a facility:

  1. Sober environment. The controlled drug-free territory minimizes exposure to substances and triggers that could lead to relapse. Being surrounded by others committed to sobriety reinforces positive behaviors and motivates individuals to stay focused on their recovery goals.
  2. Safety. Safety is guaranteed within the house by strict regulations that are put in place and regular drug screening conducted on all members. This sense of security allows people to concentrate on their personal healing.
  3. Rebuilding lost life skills. Many people who are addicted tend to forget or lose some basic skills necessary for survival. Sober living houses usually have activities meant to encourage the clients to regain such abilities; hence, they cannot lack valuable knowledge during their stay in those places.
  4. Easier transition back to normal life. Such establishments serve as a bridge between intensive treatment programs and independent living. This transitional period is crucial for reinforcing the skills and coping mechanisms learned during treatment. Addicts can gradually take on responsibilities and reintegrate into society at their own pace.
  5. Reduced risk of relapse. Strict control, a collaborative atmosphere, and regular drug tests lower the chances of returning to substance use.

Your success depends only on your will, but sober housing creates all the necessary conditions for you to succeed.

Common Rules of Residence

Each establishment sets its own rules, which are distinguished by the strictness and degree of control. Let’s look in detail at what you will have to follow as a client of Eco Sober Houses:

  • Mandatory Meetings: Attend weekly house meetings on Wednesdays at designated times.
  • Curfew: You must be home by 11:00 PM on weekdays and 12:30 AM on weekends. If you’ll be late, you must inform your house manager. Continuous violations of curfew will lead to dismissal.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your room and common area clean.
  • Overnights: Permitted with manager approval for residents in good standing.
  • Zero Tolerance: Strictly no fighting, illegal activities, drug use, or other prohibited behaviors.
  • Diversity Policy: Respect all clients’ backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Drug Testing: Failure of UA or BAC tests can lead to housing refusal.

Please read attentively all the rules and policies of your chosen sober living house, because breaking any of them can be the reason for immediate dismissal.

Accreditations and Licenses

Choosing a facility with proper certification is crucial for ensuring high standards of care, safety, and accountability. For rehabilitation centers, CARF or NAATP certification is essential. Certifications like MASH (Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing) guarantee that sober living residences maintain stringent criteria for safety, quality, and ethical practices, creating an encouraging atmosphere that facilitates the recovery process.

Eco Sober Houses have achieved MASH certification. This means that clients and their families know that the facility follows the highest standards in client care and overall management, enhancing their recovery experience and increasing their chances of long-term success.

Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Facility

Any decision in your life must be made consciously and after careful analysis of the information. As for the choice of living facility, you must be fully confident in the integrity and reliability of the establishment. 

Start with visiting the facility to evaluate its environment. Look for clean, safe, and well-maintained living spaces. Check for amenities that facilitate recovery, such as communal spaces, counseling rooms, and recreational facilities. 

Verify the facility’s credentials, licenses, and certifications. Ensure that it meets industry standards and complies with relevant regulations and requirements. 

Compare the costs of different houses while considering their value. Avoid choosing solely based on price, as conditions of living and reliability are more important in the long run. Look for facilities that offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Research reviews and testimonials from former clients and their families. Positive feedback and high ratings can provide insight into the facility’s effectiveness and environment. Pay attention to recurring themes in the reviews, such as staff friendliness, cleanliness, or strictness of rules.

Behind the Scenes of Eco Sober Houses

At the heart of this drug-free living facility is a team of professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and the journey to recovery. One of the key pillars of Sober Living Houses is the commitment to providing a controlled and empowering setting for clients.

As you tour the house, pay attention to the living conditions. Each facility offers fully renovated buildings, spacious double rooms, comfortable furnishings, and a shared community kitchen. 

Take the first step towards lasting sobriety and a brighter future. Choose Eco Sober Houses today and embark on a journey of healing and transformation.

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